Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Spa

Hello. Tickley here. I am currently at the spa learning beauty tips for the next tour. I'm going for that extra tan look, I think. Also, the fellas who play with me are busy doing yoga getting ready for "East Coast December" tour. More then.

Love you,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

photo gournal

pictures > words:


-ahhh, the ireland sun!

-in manchester, ms. sooty joined us for brekky.

-banana face.

-mr brekky.

-was so hungry i could eat a plastic doughnut.

-hello paris, come and get me.

-someone make me fort to sleep in, after van party.

-when you get bord in car, you must make party.

-lyon was very gracious and bought lots of merch.

-clean tickley urine samples, only 5 euro!

-somebody put their pants on backwards.

-tickley make tats in prague. it was the best show/party ever!!! it was also tickley's birthday and she drank champagne out of a high heeled shoe!

-best thrift store in prague located in old train station.

-our buddy from darmstadt >> adrian. he book show and make awesome time.

-also from darmstadt >> jan. (yan) is the man. he kept us up all night and filled our brains with goodies. he almost came with us to berlin then realized we wouldn't give him a ride back.

-our bestest driver >> stepan, or as we like to call him 'klaus.' (note awesome homer shirt)